Cathlab Monitoring and Information Systems


was designed to meet the requirements for modern cardiac intervention labs as well as for complicated valvular procedures. The system was developed with the most modern technology available in the market. Picasso is intuitive, easy-to-use and does not require tedious user training Read more »



Real-Time Calculation of Fraction Flow Reserve (FFR). Real-Time FFR values upon onset of hyperemia. Easily 'jump' to full-disclosure to allow verification of optimal point of FFR onset Coronary Tree for lesion and stent marking 

Complete Physiomonitoring System.....


Monitoring of all hemodynamic parameters Miniature front end module (20X12X4cm) Cost-effective, high-quality and user friendly disposable radiolucent lead wires and electrodes Pressures, gradient and valve area analysis Thermodilution Cardiac Output Immediate analysis and pull-back Waveforms phase-adjust, marker editor and re-analysis Unlimited Full Disclosure storage with markers and quick and easy playback next »